A Call for the Screening of [Revolution of Our Times]:

In light of Director Kiwi Chow’s Worldwide Release Project, for the past two months, our organisations have responded to the call by preparing the screening with our limited experience. As amateurs, we have taken a lot of time to ensure issues relating to venue, contract and copyrights are suitable and compliant. We would like to give our apology to our long-awaited supporters for the delay in formally promoting the screening and announcing ticket sales.

Reviewing the ticket sales, we need 200 more spectators’ purchases to reach a breakeven against the cost of the screening. We sincerely hope you may support the screening by our organisations, as the event’s success owes to the trust and time of numerous volunteers and locals.

In addition, we hope the screening of [Revolution of Our Times] not only satisfies the interest of Hongkongers but also publicise the story of the blood and sweat of Hongkongers’ Revolution to a broader audience, unrestricted to their nationality and place of residence. As such, we ask for all Hongkongers intending to join our screening to bring along your international friends. As organisers, having a diverse audience is a key mission of us to make the screening happen.

The [Revolution of Our Times] will be screening on April 5th at 7:40 pm at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Please purchase tickets at the following website: