We organise Cultural Activities to unite and assist the Hong Kong community to practice and develop their cultural rights in Scotland. Enhance the competency to introduce Hong Kong culture to Scots in English.

June Vigil

for The Hong Kong Protests 2019 and Tiananmen Massacre

4th of JuneĀ marks the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, which, although it took place in Beijing, is also an important date for Hong Kong culture.There was 30-year history of Hongkongers hosting June Vigil for Tiananmen Massacre. It is not only an activities related to Chinese, but also unite and demonstrate the democratic spirits of Hong Kong.

In addition to the Tiananmen Massacre, 12th of June marks the remembrance day of the 2019 Hong Kong protests that began with the anti-extradition bill. This is the most important event in the emmigration wave of Hong Kongers. Hong Kong spirit and culture has been showed in the Hong Kong Protests 2019 and the remembrance gathering.

Festival Workshops

Workshops at Mid-Autumn Festical, Winter Solstice, Lunar New Year and Dragonboat Festival, etc

With 156-year history of British Hong Kong, Hong Kong Culture is a fusion of British and Chinese Culture.

There are festival for gathering and thankgiving in different seasons:

Spring: Lunar New Year, Easter
Summer: Dragonboat Festival, Hunger Ghost Festival
Autumn: Mid-Autumn, Halloween
Winter: Winter Solstice, Chrismas

We organise activities seasonly to let Hongkongers practice our own cultural rights and to learn to explain our culture to neighbour and friend in Scotland

Hong Kong Foundation Day

26th Jan