Who Are Hongkongers

Scots may realise there are more Hongkongers in our community, most of which came from the UK government’s special visa scheme, which allows Hongkongers born in the British era and their dependents to work, study and stay here.
Whatever they have or haven’t a British Nationals (Oversea) Passport, there are some Hongkongers with no choice but need to seek asylum here to fled from persecution.
Since 2019, Hongkongers have left Hong Kong due to the significant disruption of the human right situation in Hong Kong.

Who Are Hongkongers?

Hong Kong has been handed over to China since 1997 based on the Sino-British Joint Declaration 1984.

This was not a choice for Hongkongers, although they would have preferred to remain British Hongkongers in the 1980s.

British Hong Kong has a history of 156 years and remian a unique cultural heritage even after 1997. Hong Kong culture is a fusion of southern Chinese and British cultures. The two official languages in Hong Kong are English and Cantonese. Unlike most of mainland China, Hongkongers speak Cantonese as opposed to Mandarin. The written characters also differ from those used in mainland China: in Hong Kong, people use traditional Chinese characters, rather than simplified Chinese characters.

Our Mission SETS

Support Hongkongers in Scotland, Whatever their status


Enhance socio-cultural interaction between Hongkongers and Scots


Together against persecution and Human Rights abuse


Speak out with Hong Kongers and their human rights issues