Hong Kong Reviews

Regalur Reviews and Studies related to Hongkongers

Every half year and in the UN review cycle, we will release our reviews based on our studies, surveys and interviews.

  • Publish and submit submissions to relevant UN committees to describe Hong Kong human rights and the situation of Hong Kongers in Scotland
  • Conduct survey and research on the comprehensive concerns of people living in Hong Kong, Scotland
  • Interview Hong Konger who have faced or are facing significant challenges or crises, and provide media contact methods according to the wishes of the interviewees
  • Furthering the initiative based on research, surveys and interviews


  • 公布並向聯合國相關委員會接交意見書,以𨤳述香港人權與居蘇格蘭港人狀況
  • 就居蘇格蘭港人綜合關注事項進行調查與研究
  • 採訪曾經或正在面臨重大挑戰或危機港人,並按受訪者意願,可以為其提供媒體聯絡方法
  • 根據研究、調查與訪談等內容,進一步推行倡議

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