Petition: Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for Asylum seeker claims

Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for Asylum seeker claims

We want the Government to increase staffing for processing asylum applications to shorten waiting times for refugees. Shortening waiting times should mean less is spent supporting asylum seekers for accommodation and subsistence.

According to the Immigration Statistics from the Home Office, while 48,540 asylum applications were lodged in 2021, only 14,572 cases had initial decisions made. As of 30 June 2022, 122,213 cases were pending initial decisions. 

The inefficiency of the processing of asylum applications is contributing to the ongoing costs of housing asylum seekers, with over £6.5 million a day spent on housing asylum seekers in hotels. Meanwhile, the time of asylum seekers has been wasted waiting for their decisions in often overcrowded temporary accommodations.

*The figure is according to the Home Office on 30th June 2020

Moreover, we expected the UK government, whatever His Majesty’s government or His Majesty’s shadow government, to find out an alternative to increase the efficiency of the procession of asylum applications



根據內政部移民統計數據,雖然 2021 年提交了 48,540 份庇護申請,但只有 14,572 份案件做出了初步決定。截至 2022 年 6 月 30 日,仍有總計 122,213 個積壓案件有待初步裁決。

庇護申請低效處理導致尋求庇護者衍生成本,每天花費超過 650 萬英鎊用於酒店臨時安置尋求庇護者。與此同時,尋求庇護者的時間亦被浪費,並於過度擁擠臨時住所中,等待其申請相關決定。

*該數字是根據 2020 年 6 月 30 日內政部的數據


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