The June Vigil 2022 In Scotland

Thirty-three years ago, at the turn of the spring and summer of 1989, the citizens of China came to Tiananmen Square with hope and new ideas, petitioned for the CCP to grant human rights and other basic rights. However, this petition was finally crusched when the soldiers entered the city. Cleared and destroyed.

The CCP has silenced the nation, but the people still haven’t given up under the totalitarian rule. For the truth of blood, they have been fighting against the CCP, and finally went to jail one after another. The CCP has not changed in the slightest to this day.

To now, June 4 is still happening in China, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang. We are the witnesses of the CCP’s suppression of human rights.

Date: 4-6-2022
Venue: Edinburgh Roseburn Public Park
Time: 20:00

We will have the booths in Scotland to publicise the truth of June 4th. There will be a small gathering after each booth. Everyone is welcome to join and share stories of June 4th and human rights. 

Aberdeen – 13/5 (Fri)
Booth: 12nn-2pm
Location: Union bridge 
Gathering after the booth: 2:30-4pm

Inverness – 14/5 (Sat)
Booth: 12nn-2pm
Location: Falcon Square
Gathering after the booth: 2:30-4pm

Dundee 15/5 (Sun)
Booth: 11:30am-1:30pm
Location: Desperate Dan Statue
Gathering after the booth: 2:30-4pm

St Andrew’s 15/5 (Sun)
Booth: 5-7pm
Location: Church square 

Edinburgh 21/5 (Sat)
Booth: 12nn-2pm
Location: National Record
Gathering after the booth: 2:30-4pm

Glasgow 22/5 (Sun)
Booth: 12nn-2pm
Location: St Enoch Centre
Gathering after the booth: 2:30-4pm

May 3, 2022


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