Big Sucess of Glasgow Screening: Revolution of Our Times

Thank you for watching Revolution of Our Times, from the Umbrella Movement in 2014 to the Anti-Extradition Movement in 2019. As a participant and witness of social movements, we cherish and seize the opportunity to speak out for Hong Kong. Thanks to the Revolution of Our Times team, The partner who held the screening this time: Justitia Hong Kong Heating Army Division supports the Hong Kong team. As well as the brothers and sisters present who have contributed to the sports, I also hope that every friend who enters the venue can pass on the truth and live up to the tasks assigned to us by the times.
In addition, Everyman Cinema is showing tonight, and there are only a few tickets left!

感謝大家蒞臨收睇時代革命,2014年雨傘運動到2019年反送中運動,作為社會運動的參與和見證人,我哋珍惜同把握能夠為香港發聲嘅機會,感謝Revolution of Our Times 時代革命團隊,今次舉辦放映嘅合作夥伴:Justitia Hong Kong 暖氣軍師撐香港團隊。以及在場曾經喺運動上貢獻過嘅手足,亦都希望每一位入場的朋友,能夠傳承真相,毋負時代俾我哋嘅任務。


另外,Everyman Cinema 今晚放映,尚餘少量門票!