Our Mission SETS

Support Hongkongers in Scotland, Whatever their status


Enhance socio-cultural interaction between Hongkongers and Scots


Together against persecution and Human Rights abuse


Speak out with Hong Kongers and their human rights issues


Welcome Program

Welcome Program

The Welcome Program introduces the Scottish system and culture to the new immigrants from Hong Kong, and welcomes them to better integrate and adapt. Managing an online platfrom partnering with our incubatee Scottish Hongkongers.

The Welcome Program included

  • Provide enquiry and signposting service for Hongkongers in difficulties
  • Welcome Course, 6 sessions of course to learn for cultures, history, way to tackle the difficulties and make friends in Scotland
  • Parent-child workshop, a one-day workshop, allows parents and children to learn the system and practice of Scottish human rights and obligations through mini-games and storytelling
  • Information semilar relating to schooling, housing and well-being in Scotland
  • Organise tours to introduce and explore Scotland’s unique culture and different regions

Support Hongkongers

Community Support for Scottish Hongkongers (CSSH)

Community Support for Scottish Hongkongers (CSSH) is supportting our incubatee by Scottish Hongkongers, running by Hongkongers in Scotland, especially those seeking asylum, to manage volunteer groups to support each other here.
Scottish Hongkongers supports

  • Organising regular activities and gatherings, with the participation of Hongkongers seeking asylum or living in desitution
  • Emergency intervention for marginalised Hongkongers on brink of crisis with groceries and basis needs
  • Hongkongers seeking asylum or living in desitution to participate activities or gathering for a better social life

Speak out with Hong Kong

Regalur Reviews and Studies related to Hongkongers

Every half year and in the UN review cycle, we will release our reviews based on our studies, surveys and interviews.

  • Publish and submit submissions to relevant UN committees to describe Hong Kong human rights and the situation of Hong Kongers in Scotland
  • Conduct survey and research on the comprehensive concerns of people living in Hong Kong, Scotland
  • Interview Hong Konger who have faced or are facing significant challenges or crises, and provide media contact methods according to the wishes of the interviewees
  • Furthering the initiative based on research, surveys and interviews

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Organise Cultural Activities to unite and assist the Hong Kong community to practice and develop their cultural rights in Scotland. Enhance the competency to introduce Hong Kong culture to Scots in English.

  • June Vigil for The Hong Kong Protests 2019 and Tiananmen Masscare
  • Hong Kong Foundation Day ( 26th January)
  • Workshops at Mid-Autumn Festical, Winter Solstice, Lunar New Year and Dragonboat Festival, etc